Possible Discussion Questions:

  1. What physical things are you afraid of? Why? (ex. Heights, spiders/bugs, snakes/reptiles, big animals (e.g. bears), the dark, acts/actions [public speaking, swimming])
  2. What psychological things are you afraid of? Why? (ex. Failure, loneliness, conflict, loss, doing something contradictory to your religion)
  3. Are you ok with your fears, or are they something you want to work on overcoming?
  4. How do we overcome fears? a.Rational fears b.Irrational fears (phobias) c.Anxiety
  5. How does fear motivate you? / Guide you? (in the case of religion or parents rules)
  6. How does fear hinder you?
  7. What role does fear play in society?
  8. Are there fears that shaped your life? Did it help or hinder you? Are you glad or wish that they didn’t exist? a.Parents rules? b.Rules of religion? c.From society or peers?