Possible Discussion Questions:

  1. Do you believe gender is fundamentally natural or constructed? If constructed, how do we develop it? How does that inform your relationship to gender?
  2. Do you think of gender as a binary (male/female) or more fluid, like a spectrum? Have specific people influenced your thinking about this?
  3. How much does your gender define who you are as a person? Do you feel your gender has ever held you back from being your truest self?
  4. What gender norms or stereotypes influence/d your life? What do you feel about them? Do you disagree or agree with some/all of them? Are there any engendered societal narratives or archetypes (damsel in distress, disney princesses, rugged cowboy, etc.) that you resonate with or choose to reject?
  5. Has there ever been a time when you felt your gender was threatened or questioned? How did you respond? How can we help others respond?
  6. Has your gender ever been used against you or someone you know? Has it ever felt like a limitation to expressing yourself or being understood or respected?
  7. What is one thing you wish the “other gender(s)” understood about the experience of being in your gender’s category? What kinds of misunderstandings have you experienced?
  8. What would you like to better understand about the “other gender(s)”?
  9. Do you feel more similar or different to the “other gender(s)”?
  10. Do you enjoy being your gender? How might you enjoy it more?
  11. When have you witnessed gender divide people? When have you seen it unify?
  12. Would you want to live in a “genderless” world? Would our world be better without gender binaries?
  13. How has the way you were raised influenced your views on gender and sexual orientation? How have your views changed, if at all?
  14. What happens when communities, religions, cultures we are part of go against our personal values on gender? When do we push back? When do we not?