Family, Roots, & Values

Possible Discussion Questions:

  1. What culture(s) seem to define your family? (e.g. religious, ethnic, etc)
  2. Would you describe your family as “traditional”, “modern”, or something else?
  3. How does understanding your grandparents help you understand your parents?
  4. What family values or traditions have you kept?
  5. What family values or traditions have you left/rejected?
  6. Do you have a story that describes a specific family value?
  7. What is a story of a time when your values were questioned? How did you respond?
  8. How have your family values or traditions shaped you?
  9. Are there any values/traditions that you’d like to implement with your future family?
  10. Are there any weights/guilts/traumas that you feel have been passed on to you from your family or family’s history? How do they affect you?